Saturday, January 25, 2014

Zarcero Is Awesome!

We're now safely ensconced in the Hotel Don Beto in Zarcero, Alajuela, Costa Rica.  We're right on the main square and the children don't seem to be suffering from culture shock beyond my fixing rice and beans every day.

The town is full of friendly people who will stop me and ask me why I'm here and congratulate me on choosing their town as our temporary home.  With the lodging, cellphone, internet, and banking situations under control, the only hassle left will be getting the kids enrolled in school.  Crossing my fingers on that one.

We'll go exploring next week.  This week's been a series of mandatos (errands) and tareas (tasks) that had to be done.  In a couple of weeks, with the kids hopefully enrolled in school, we can get down to a routine that will see Mickelle and I working during the mornings and early afternoons while the kids are in school, and the afternoons spent exploring or talking with people.  I want them to have as many experiences as we can afford.  But, it's so expensive here nowadays, I don't think my budget is sound anymore.  Costa Rica is more expensive that the USA nowadays.  Everything costs more except labor.  Someone's getting rich here, but it's not the middle class.

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