Thursday, September 12, 2013

John 8 and the BYUreaucrat

"The Woman Taken in Adultery," interpreted by the Honor Code Office:

A rabbi was sitting teaching in a public square, when a loud mob came before him pushing and kicking a terrified woman, accusing her of having been taken in the throes of passion with a married man who was not her husband. The people hesitate to carry out the Mosaic sentence due to the rabbi's interposition of himself between her and them. He takes a moment to speak, but when he does, he says, "If any of you be sinless, be the first to throw a rock to stone her and we will all follow you." Convicted in their hearts that they too were guilty of many sins, they toss their rocks to the ground and begin to file out of the plaza. With the women kneeling beside him, begging for her life, and then kissing his feet as she realizes that his words have saved her life, the rabbi reaches down, grabs a rock, raises his hand high, and with all his might, smashes the rock against the dome of her head, staving it in like a rotten melon. She dies immediately. The rabbi then says, "I am not without sin. But, if we allow sin to exist because none of us are perfect, if we don't enforce the laws that we agreed to live by when we came here, then this university, the Gospel, and our way of life will all die."

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