Monday, February 11, 2013

A transcript of my stream of consciousness about bullying

I hate bullies.  I hate bullying.  I have little respect for anyone who defends bullying or bullies.  We live in the 21st Century and it's high time that this practice ended.  Sadly, it has not, nor does it appear to be ending anytime soon.

I work with teenagers, and I see bullying happen every week.  Of the three main types of bullying, emotional, verbal, and physical, thankfully, I don't see physical bullying happen.  If I did, I would react swiftly to end it immediately.  But, I do overhear students speaking ill of others, mocking them for their choices of fashion, words, or gait.  Our culture seems to relish mocking others, jonesing after the latest fix of schadenfreude at the expense of someone who probably can't afford the abuse.

We have rules.  We have laws even.  We have parents telling us not to do it all our lives, yet the abuse continues, the excuses continue.  If you don't like the cut of someone else's jib, why not examine the text of John 8:1-8 closely?  Even if you don't believe in Christ, a Savior, the Atonement, or an Eternal Reward, it's still a great way to live one's life.  Humanism abhors violence, placing the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as among our unalienable rights as humans.  Why then do we shit all over the attempts at happiness of others?  What causes us to mock failure, to mock ugliness, to mock slovenliness, to ridicule stupidity, obesity, poverty, or anything else determined opposite or deviant from the putative norm?

And, then there are people who defend their own bullies.  Years later they look back and say that they 'deserved' it because they were X thing that merited mockery.

Life is hard enough without someone else beating you down for their own amusement.  If you see someone bullying, stop them.  If they don't listen to a simple, "leave them alone," tell an adult, call the police, call security, but call them out, at the very least.  Don't let someone else suffer because you didn't want to get involved.  Stand up to bullies.  Never ever laugh at what they say.  Never agree with them.

Bullies ruin beautiful things.  Innocence lost cannot be recovered.

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