Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Are Billion Year Old Carbon

What an absolutely fucking awful day!

[*]My achilles started hurting again, bad enough where I limp with every step and walking down stairs is excruciating.
[*]SGA is holding up the $7k budget approval (the second time they've had to approve the budget in four months) for my organization over $22.80 that we didn't allocate in our budget, that they didn't even give to us.
[*]The Federal Direct Loan Program mistakenly withdrew $979 from our checking account for a payment instead of the $145 they should have.  They can refund it to us, but it will take 4-6 weeks.  I don't make the kind of money to weather an extra house payment from what I have in my checking account.
[*]Not one, but two migraine auras, and a migraine that got so bad that I had to go nuclear.  Even then, I was still seeing bright trailers and spots in my right eye.
[*]I had to work from 9AM until 8:30PM
[*]Massive IBS flare-up
[*]Big fight with the Mrs. to end the evening