Saturday, July 04, 2009

21 Years Ago Today

Twenty-one years ago today I woke up to the sounds of A Christmas Story playing on the TV on HBO. My dad turned it on, very loudly, to wake us all up. I remember feeling confused upon hearing the sounds of Christmas carols. The weather was cold and rainy that day, with tons of wind.....completely abnormal for Acworth, Georgia. My cousin Jared and I went down to the day-use area at Galts Ferry, and there was NO ONE there......the wind was making waves and they had just dumped about 50 dumptruck loads of sand on the beach area. We spent hours, in the cold rain, making sand castles and moats and walls to fight off the waves. That was a good day, unlike any fourth of July before it....or since. Cold weather in July...I believe the high that day was 70F.