Monday, February 16, 2009

My Fall 2008 Evaluation Comments (All of them)

Don Mac is a wonderful professor!! This is a great class but it needs more hands on activities!

He is the best teacher I've had here. Especially when we learn facts about other cultures. We learn about the world and don't even realize it.

This was my favorite class. The “que pasa en el mundo” made things interesting though we rarely understood at first. Great class!

He's a very great teacher and I learned so much from him.

Really good, helpful teacher, always there when I needed help. A ++ professor. I really liked using Quia it helped a lot. I didn't like audacity at all.

The instructor was amazing. This is the first time an instructor deserved all A's!!! I learned a lot in this class and almost considered a Spanish minor.

Wonderful professor – willing to help students as long as they want to help themselves. Makes 1012 work but you learn much. Gracias!

The instructor is one of the best I have had. He is very helpful. Spanish 1012 is a great program.

Great professor!

Always make class enjoyable. Always helps us when we have problems or ask for help. Very good course! I learned a lot and feel a lot more confident about conducting.

Awesome, fantastic, great teacher! Awesome course! Learned a lot!

Dr. Carswell did a wonderful job in this course! He was great! (Huh? This is a mistake)

Culture projects helped learn things about Spanish culture. The elmundo activities were good too.

I really liked the instructor. He was a very good teacher and had high expectations for his students. I would take his class again.

Wonderful teacher, really enjoyed the class.

He's an excellent instructor and provides many strong resources to do well on the exams. He shows interest in what he does and makes the class fun.

Enthusiastic about course material. Knowledgeable and helpful. Appropriate & interesting.

All of the group work helped me understand the topic.

Dr. Williams is a wonderful professor and is very passionate about what he does. He has made me love Spanish.

Needs to inform classes when assignments are due. Does a good job interacting with students.

Needs to make effient (sic) records (attendance, class participation, etc.) (A fair critique; it's true I could be better about taking attendance, but participation is student self-evaluation)

It's helpful that he is so readily available. “Que pasa en el mundo'” is a good way to learn because the student is individually corrected.

By having all of the students work in groups, we are able to learn more about the topics and participate effectively in class. Class discussions were also helpful and expanded our skills in the use of the Spanish language.

He is very concerned for the well-being of his students. He should write things he says down on something. (I should!) Good course. It challenged enough without breaking us. My writing skills have greatly improved because of Dr. Williams.

Professor was of much help. Available whenever we had a question. I enjoyed the class. All of the writing tips were very helpful. Some of the assignments made you think. (I'm sad they all didn't)

The amount of translation required will be great for native speakers but will most likely be too much for non-native speakers. (The class is SPA 225, so, translation shouldn't be an issue)

The instructor brought objects to class as visual guides for our writing. Excellent professor who always gives feedback and thorough in lecture. Course was very helpful because it helped [sic] to better articulate and become a stronger analytical thinker. Course was excellent. Helped my critical thinking and I feel that I have become a better creative writer.

Great instructor, really know [sic] how to treat people. One of the best instructors on campus. The course was interesting. I learned a lot on how to better writing [sic].

He is very interested on [sic] what he teach [sic] and knows a lot about it.


Todd said...

Congrats, Mac.

Susanna Williams said...

Ahhh! I'm so proud of you!

LedSophocles said...

Hey Mac,
I have no doubt that you are, and probably always will be, a great teacher (and I don't use the term "great" loosely; I believe it wholeheartedly), so please do not take my initial skepticism of these evaluations as critical of you. One question: how many of these students received grades of a C or lower in this class? If the answer is 'more than three or four', I declare that you live and work in an truly blessed environment, where students can appreciate what the professor does for them, even when that professor finds their achievements average (or below).

Mac said...


Your skepticism is warranted. I have seen the effects of grade inflation on a professor's reputation; the easier the "A" the better the rep. I was curious as to the grade breakdown of my classes. I taught 3 classes (12 hours) with 25 total students. Classes were SPA 1012, SPA 102, and SPA 225.

SPA 225 is a class for major/minors and only have five people. The grades were the highest, and correspondingly most critical feedback received (which I should and hope to expect).

The breakdown es así:

All Classes, w/o 225
A=10, 5
B=6, 5
C=6, 6
D=2, 2
F=2, 2

The two Fs are in my classes again this semester, even though they have other Spanish profs from which to choose. So, even though the grades range widely, I have my students' respect. I tell them all, "I don't care what grade you receive. I want to teach you Spanish. Depending on your effort in the class, you'll receive the grade you've earned." I then add this part, the most important, "No matter what grade you receive, if you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say, 'I did my best' then that's all that should matter."

I think many of them appreciate not being told "Give me an A, or give me death" that they hear from their parents.

Mac said...

Sorry, numbers are off.

31 total students:
All Classes, w/o 225
A=15, 10
B=6, 5
C=6, 6
D=2, 2
F=2, 2

Thewmes said...

I can only speak personally about your teaching in Sunday schools and the like, but I always thought you were a very good teacher. I have ran into some students here at Tulane that had you and they spoke very highly of your class. It feels good to be great at what you do.

I am good at a lot of things but I am only great at one thing, digging holes. As you can see not as directly applicable to a job as your skill. Unless you want to be a low ranking member of a construction crew, in which case your set.