Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Alajuela, August 1993

Alajuela Ward, Alajuela, Costa Rica, August 1993. I sit in the chapel reading something as I listen to my companion, Elder Brent Reed Jensen of Mountain Home, Idaho playing the piano before Sacrament meeting. Elder Jensen was a very strong piano player, a decent hard-working guy, and a lover of classic rock....especially Led Zeppelin.

He had played a fair number of hymns that morning, transitioning flawlessly between numbers without even pausing, so I was only half-listening when I heard some bars out of the pianoforte that confused me as I tried to place them in the hymnal, thinking perhaps he was playing one of the many hymns not found in the Spanish hymnal that we have in English (e.g. "God Save the King"), when what should my wondering ears suddenly hear but the opening notes of "Stairway to Heaven." I shot him a glance of "DUDE!" met by his mischievous back-at-ya grin. He didn't get past "what she came for" when he ended his "set" and stood up to start putting the hymn numbers in the ubiquitous hymn number placard. Several members came up to him and asked, "Elder, ¿Cuál himno era ése?" to which he responded, "La escalera al cielo." The name saved him because the members were used to hearing hymns played by him that aren't in the Spanish one..........I'll never forget that moment.....Led Zeppelin in sacrament meeting......I'm smiling about it right now.

I entered the MTC sixteen years ago today.


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