Monday, December 08, 2008


So, apparently, you can lose weight too quickly. After losing 20 lbs inside of a month, I have some kind of gall bladder disease. I don't have stones that can be detected on an ultrasound, and my abdominal CT scan showed no tumors, abcesses, or liver flukes, but it still hurts like a mofo whenever I eat eggs or lie on my side.


South Beach Diet is suspended until I get this problem fixed.


JC said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Meanwhile, I'll be gaining ground. :)

chattypatra said...

En Puerto Rico hay dos plantas que se usan para ese mismo tipo de problema. Una se llama Vaquiña, y la otra Juana La Blanca. Tengo los nombres en inglés por algún lugar. Te dejo saber luego.

Paul Dunn said...

Sorry to hear about the setback, but it sounds like you are making some progress. I was reading about low purine diets the other day and was thinking about you. Cuz you're always complaining about gout and apparently those with high purine diets are prone to gout (which I'm sure you already knew).

Anyhow, rest up and get your strength back. I'm sure the doctor will tell you how best to continue your weight loss plan.

iAN said...

I'd always heard losing weight too quickly puts a strain on your heart, but honestly I know little of such things.

I'll fast forward through this season of House to see if I can find something to contribute :]

Seriously, though, I hope this is nothing serious and you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I had gallstones. Before I had my gallbladder removed, every time I ate anything with fat it hurt badly, so for about 4 months I could only eat foods with very little or no fat at all. But the good side to the horrible pain was that I lost a lot of weight. Now i'm better, except for the occasional run to the bathroom after eating a meal with too much fat....I don't mind the reminder to eat better.