Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Call to Boycott ABC Family

Here's an email I just sent to ABC Family. If you agree with me, please sign a comment declaring your participation in the boycott. I won't watch until they apologize and correct their commercials and programming to make it so I feel like I can trust the channel to not show something inappropriate to my kids.

Dear ABC Family,

So, I’m watching Cars with my son and daughter the other night on your network and along comes an ad for Victoria’s Secret. The women in the ad are very attractive and the lingerie carefully selected for them accentuates all their positives; the commercial’s producers are to be commended for their mastery of the attention-grabbing visuals of the erotic medium.

I didn’t like the question my daughter asked me though, “Dad, why are those women dressed like that?” That’s not the kind of question I’d like to answer, yet, to my six-year-old daughter. I was mildly miffed that the sexy outfits were on display on a “Family” channel during a “Christmas” movie (what Cars has to do with Christmas, other than toy sales for Disney, you’ll have to explain to me), but I was willing to let it go since it wasn’t over-the-top sexual.

What got me upset enough to write this letter was the commercial for Arby’s that aired shortly thereafter. During a family movie, on a family channel, during a family hour, you showed a man reclining on a bed surrounded by candles talking to his wife in the bathroom. Sexy music plays when she exits the bathroom in an Arby’s outfit, holding a tray of food, and the phallic Arby’s hat logo suddenly appears over his head, stiffens, and makes a boing noise as if his erection engorged so quickly as to be audible. What the ****, people!?

How dare you show this on a family channel!

It’s bad enough that you show Greek and that other show about an unwed teenage pregnant girl with “Viewer Discretion Advised” before each one on a damned family channel, but you have the gall to call it “A New Kind of Family.” Keep your “new kind of family” away from mine. Might I suggest you ask what audience you are after and change your channel’s name to fit that.

You are NOT a family channel. You are evil, because you call evil good.

Dr. Mac Williams

The commercial in question:


chattypatra said...

Mac, I was stunned when I saw that commercial too. I think it is in very poor taste. It shouldn't even be on television, let alone a channel that touts itself as one the whole family can watch. I now change the channel everytime it comes on - I don't want to watch it, especially with my father sitting in the same room! Unbelievable. I don't think I can look at an Arby's the same way again. *sigh*

LedSophocles said...

Here's a "novel" idea: boycott television altogether and read books to your kids. I'm sure you already do that to some degree, but it's hard for me to find that much redeeming about television anymore, love it though I did as a kid. Most of the good shows can be found on the internet, or on DVD, without commercials; or, if they do have commercials, you may easily move past them.
My $.02.

Anonymous said...

ABC Family does a horrid job of choosing appropriate commercials for use during children's programming. I am so angry about this -- we can't even enjoy Rudolph or any of the old Christmas classics without seeing inappropriate movie trailers, etc. Do these dunce balls at ABC have kids? Ridiculous. Why do we need to see the latest sex-themed movie ad during a show for elementary kids?

Anonymous said...

I see that your post is dated, yet I was compelled today to Google a "boycott for ABC family" after their comercial last night which had Hilary Duff asking a young man where was the weirdest place that he'd had sex. This aired several times during a Harry Potter movie that I was watching with my kids. We no longer watch this channel. I can't believe that more people haven't noticed what's frequently on this "family" channel.

Anonymous said...

Just submitted this to the ABC Family feedback page (

Numerous commercials aired during the Christmas specials for children are blatantly and OUTRAGEOUSLY inappropriate for the target audience of the program (graphically sexual, violent, crude, etc.). If you would like me to log the examples, dates and times, and why the content of these commercials is so objectionable, I would be happy to give you detailed information. Until this issue can be corrected, your network will be blocked from all of the televisions to which my child has access (so that I don't inadvertently record a program we would otherwise want to share with our son). The impression both my husband and I have gotten from this demonstrated lack of judgement is that your network would benefit from this type of feedback.

Thank you so very much in advance for any time or consideration given to these concerns.

Anonymous said...

Marc you're a prude just like your pals as well that are wrong about ABC Family that you're smearing and lying all your claims are baseless without facts or proof. Abry's ad from a few years ago isn't that bad you just want to be offended & with your fake outrage. Boycotting is dumb & stupid as well.

ABC Family is Family Friendly Full House, Boy Meets World, Disney Movies etc. Ad's ABC Family show isn't at all bad and those that say are wrong and I'm right as always. ABC Family has pretty good shows like Pretty Little Liars, Switched At Birth, Greek was good when that was on channel.

Down With Prudes of America.

Don Mac said...


I'm not a prude. I like sex a lot, and I don't mind talking about it. I just don't want it on a channel putatively for my children.

Anonymous said...

I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas at 8 PM last night with my daughter. Seemingly every commercial break had a spot for Logo network's NewNowNext Musix Awards show. It is a showcase for the next big music acts in the LGBT (if I left out a letter, my apologies-I've lost track of them all) community on a network for primarily the LGBT community. Logo is owned by Viacom, so, unless I'm mistaken, they're not even sister networks. I honestly think that it's a national plan to force children into a complacent acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree!!! I cannot watch ABC family with my family. It is not a family channel and should not be advertised as one!!