Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Stupified. Speechless. That was such bad acting, oh my goodness! They didn't even have name tags.


chattypatra said...

Ironically, the same God they mock is the one who shed his blood so that they can do as they please.

They complain about the Church wanting to dictate their lives. However, two years ago over 60% of voters in their State voted against the legalization of gay marriage.

Yet gays insist on imposing their views on the majority of the voters. According to them, votes are fine as long as they support their agenda; when they don't, then it's 'homophobia'.

Nevermind that this is the SECOND time the people of California have spoken. Now they say the results are morally wrong and need to be opposed. If that's not amazingly hypocritical, I don't know what is!

Mac said...

Now wait, I don't agree with Prop 8, and I prefer it when Church and State are separate; and I'm sure that people who campaigned for Prop 8 spoke and said vile things about homosexuals....which is wrong. This commercial is a reaction against people who view religion as trying to control their lives, and they're right.

I was commenting on the shitty acting and lack of nametags.

iAN said...

Leave it to Mac to reduce a complex and vehement issue to poor acting and name tags :]

I'd like to add one thing, if I may: I've lived all over the U.S., and have known MANY lesbians over the years. The two depicted in this "infomercial" are hands down the hottest I've ever seen. Har.

Thewmes said...

I have some friends that took extreme offense to this ad. I personaly do not. I would however, if it was in response to the church's teachings, but this is in response to the church's very public support for prop 8. If the church choses to get in the political ring then they are subject to negative ads just like everybody else.