Wednesday, November 19, 2008

South Beach Update Week Three

Weight on Monday October 27, 2008 = 425.3 lbs.
Weight on Wednesday November 19, 2008 = 405.3 lbs.

Total loss = 20 lbs.
WLPD= .86 ppd
WLPW= 6.66__
% of body weight = 4.7%

I had to switch to Phase II of the diet. I was getting massive muscle cramps every night from a lack of carbs, and I was getting really damned bored. I'm eating some carbs now and I feel much better, but I still don't feel any better than I did when I started the diet.

Dieting sucks. I hate it. I hate it more than the Dodgers, more than injustice, more than canned tuna; hell, I hate it more than dieting.


Paul Dunn said...

Good work Mac. I know that the past week's results are not what you were desiring, but this is usually when people plateau and then give up. Stick to the plan and don't let the cold weather effect your habits. It's easy to shut yourself down and hibernate during the winter. The toughest road is still ahead... Thanksgiving and Christmas.

chattypatra said...

Hip, hip, HURRAY! You are doing an awesome job, Mac, and inspiring all of us. Don't give up!!!

Cindy said...

Hang in there, Mac! You're doing this to be healthier, which is a really big deal! It's about the quality of your life. It does get boring at times, but it really *is* so worth it.

Dieting isn't fun. You'll be fighting "head hunger" a lot, which is *really* hard. Actually, for me, the psychological part of changing my diet was much harder than the eating part. Food has been a friend for so long -- I'm a total emotional eater. After being big for quite a while, I came to see myself as a large person. Even though I hated it, I just sort of got used to it. Now I'm having to make a mind shift, which is major.

I also use a website where everyone is trying to lose weight, and it's *extremely* helpful! You hear tips and ideas, see others' frustrations and victories, and basically just know you're not alone! It's (Of course, there are also a few crazies on there, but that's just the Internet!)

One thing I learned on there was HALT+B, which are reasons some eat. Hungry, angry, lonely, tired, bored. Usually I would eat not because I was hungry, but for all the other reasons. I'm still working on that one!

Hugs to you and your family!!

Tim said...

Maybe if you liked the Dodgers you would feel better about dieting. After all, look at Tommy Lasorda: he had a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner!


Susanna Williams said...

Um, Tim just left the wittiest comment ever.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mac, xxoo Mom