Thursday, November 06, 2008


Alright, knee-jerk reactionary conservatives, Obama is not the damned Anti-Christ. If you actually read the Bible instead of just talking about how much you love Jesus, you would know this. I challenge anyone who calls Obama the Anti-Christ to give me a Biblical definition of what it means, including the original meaning in the Greek. Hell, I challenge any of you to tell me where in the Bible the word antichrist even appears.

According to Paul, and maybe Daniel depending on how you read him, the antichrist will try and rebuild the temple, so unless Obama plans to raze the Dome of the Rock, get out Solomon's blueprints, rebuild the thing, go sit on his ass in the Holy of Holies while demanding we all go sacrifice sheep and doves to him for our sins, he's not the farking antichrist. Mindless sheep.

The Second Coming isn't going to happen in the next four years, or eight if he's re-elected; too much Scripture isn't fulfilled, which again, you'd know if you read them. Enough already. The Anti-Christ is real enough; it's anyone who puts himself in place of the Savior and works against him. I don't think Obama or any other president is the Anti-Christ. Isn't it a little presumptive of you to assume that he/they'll be from America? Why not The Gambia, Bhutan, the Maldives, or even Pitcairn Island? Clinton was the antichrist in 1992, Kennedy in 1960, I assume many a Southern lips slandered Lincoln with that moniker. You could fill libraries with lists (in many languages) with the names of election winners that people have called the antichrist.

Ignorance is my enemy.


Cindy said...


You're patient and thoughtful to present arguments to people who believe that this kind of ridiculousness is true!! I just don't have the energy to deal with them. It's times like these that I'm glad I live in Northern California!

I'm beyond *thrilled* that Obama won!!


swampbaby said...

Holy crap, Mac, who do you hang out with that has you so riled up? I voted for McCain and living in a conservative state, many around me also did, but I have yet to hear one person around me say anything negative about Obama, and definitely not that he is the anti-Christ. The majority has spoken, and everyone I've come in contact with, including myself, have been more than willing to support Obama because of the office he will hold. I've actually heard more divisiveness from people who did vote for him (making fun of the red states "values", nanny-nanny boo-boo kind of things), than people who did not.

iAN said...

@cindy: Agreed. Mac is indeed a saint :]

@swampbaby: You are fortunate to live among tolerate people. I am surrounded by Soldiers at War, and the majority of them are anything but respectable. I am embarrassed and ashamed of the things I've heard my fellow Soldiers say over the last few days.

@Mac: I'm glad I chose just this moment to chime back in.

RBS said...

Oh my goodness, you are very riled up. I myself don't subscribe to the philosophy you are railing against but I too have some concerns about people who spout hate and dissension. I have also heard similar things about George W Bush. I wonder if you wrote such a diatribe about those that had nothing good to say about him. Just wondering

brent said...


That's exactly what an anti-Christ would want you to think.

Mac said...


Though I'm no defender of Bush (even though I voted for him twice), I never heard anyone call him the antichrist. I did go off on people who compared him to Hitler....but really, there's no dialoguing with people like that.


And that's exactly what the anti-christ would tell me that he wants me to think, therefore I can clearly not choose the glass in front of me.

Paul Dunn said...

Are we still talking about this? A good many evangelicals (especially younger ones) actually voted for Obama. Caroline (my wife, for those that don't know me) says the reason Obama was so successful with certain Protestants is that he's proven that the Republicans "haven't cornered the market on God". Obama does have a way of providing faith-based values into his interviews, speeches, and news conferences. Yeah, he's a lefty, he's going to bend on abortion and same-sex marriage, but fundamentally I still consider him a brother... and not because he is black.

I'm not going to sit here and be a sore loser (I would like to say that McCain was not my first choice, but hey, chances are 90% of us didn't have our "first choice" on the ballot). But for this Anti-Christ thing... Mac, allow the ignorance of these people to be compelled to know what an "anti-Christ" really is. If the mark of the beast suddenly appears on Obama's forehead, then I'll reconsider.

Also, I like how The Princess Bride got worked in there... classy.

I digress, we really know who the true anti-Christ is... Hillary Clinton.

Matt the Treehugger said...

I heard that God was a Republican.