Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Monsieur, does your dog bite?

This is me being silly


Audacity is awesome and free.


Paul Dunn said...

I used to use Audacity at my old job at AdvanceMe. It's a really cool program. Actually, I have it at home too, but I never use it. It came with my USB turntable.

One question, why Pink Panther?

Paul Dunn said...

BTW, I just went to Maybeexercisewillhelp... no updates since February 2008! C'mon!

(Pot calling the kettle black here as I have not updated my blog since 10/25; however, I just did this awesome 13.3 mile run from my house to my grandmother's grave on 11/1 that will probably be the single most inspirational run I've ever had.)

Mac said...

The recording.