Monday, October 06, 2008

FARK YOU, Seth Meyers

I don't know how many of you still watch SNL anymore, but Saturday night, I saw one of the worst examples ever of the mean-spiritedness that has reigned there ever since Tina Fey became head writer.

During Weekend Update, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers traded off making fat jokes about the former "World's Fattest Man," Manuel Uribe Garza,'s pending nuptials later this month.

The one that soured me on the show was, "Uribe and his wife will spend their honeymoon trying to find his penis."

Wtf? That's not low-hanging fruit, that's just f****** cruel, mean, and shows how callous SNL has become. It wasn't borderline mean like the joke about him getting married as a way to get cake. No, this was the "cool kids" on the playground mocking the fat kid, on national television. Uribe has lost over 500 lbs without surgery.

The first time I remember being angered by SNL had to do with a fat joke too. Shortly after 9-11, Welsh singer, Charlotte Churchm then only 15, said that NYC firefighters weren't all heroes, they were just doing their jobs. Tina Fey's Weekend Update line was "Well Charlotte, some day you'll be fat."

What the fark? That's not funny. You can claim she was attempting to "act" like a high schooler and call her fat, for the irony of her being a teenager. But, Fey's not that good, and Church didn't suffer through the hell that is American high school, so the joke's lost on her. Fey's delivery was mean. The joke was lost on the majority of people. They laughed because Charlotte Church was a little overweight. It was just mean.

I loathe Tina Fey. I'll never watch 30 Rock. And, Seth Meyers can die in a fire with all the other assholes who can't leave high school in the past. He's not funny! Witty, when he's at his best, but he reminds me of the frat-boy golden-child poonhounds I had in my classes at Tulane. Nothing but a showy facade.

Manuel Uribe Garza does not deserve our pity. He hasn't asked for it. He doesn't want help. He's been losing weight on his own. Leave the man alone.

Seth Meyers, if we ever meet, I'm going to sit on you.


Cindy said...

Mac, The intolerance that people have toward "fat" people is just infuriating! I *so* hear you! It's truly one of the last "acceptable" prejudices to have. I know you've seen and heard it all -- that fat people are stupid, lazy, disgusting, just need to eat less and go to the gym ... I could go on and on. Unless someone has actually battled their weight (and I'm not just talking 10 or 15 pounds), they really have *no* idea and absolutely *no* right to judge. ((Hugs.))

Todd said...

It's kind of funny how some circles are celebrating SNL being relevant again, and here they go and make fat jokes in front of an audience that is approaching 50% obesity (morbid or otherwise). Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

chattypatra said...

Obesity is the new leprosy. It's still socially acceptable to make fun of fat people. I've had people completely ignore me, openly stare at me, be rude to me, etc., etc.

I even had an "instructor" at DISD - during the New Teacher Academy - kick me out of his class on INCLUSION because I wouldn't move from a chair and small desk I had set up in a corner when I got there early to a student desk where I couldn't fit. Really.

I had a little kid tell me once "You take up too much space!". He was angry when he said it too. At Church. In front of some other people. He was four at the time.

Good times, Mac. I could go on, but I'll spare your readers. Call me when you run into Meyers. I'll join you and we can take turns.

Paul Dunn said...

First, let me say that this sort of thing (fat jokes, prejudice against obese people) will always be a part of society. I'm not condoning it, but I do not simply see how it will ever be removed from our culture.

Second, I stopped watching SNL 10 years ago. I couldn't tell you who does the Weekend Update or even if there IS a Weekend Update anymore. SNL lost it's revelence with me a very long time ago. I wish the rest of America could come to the same conclusion.

Third, as a "non-fat" person, I cannot relate to this sort of sentiment (or antisentiment). This is a have vs. have-not war basically. Thus, I would confess I have made and laughed at comments made at the expense of those that are obese. I admit this, and any "non-fat" person that has never previously been fat would be lying if they did not admit the same.

Last, and this is specifically for Mac. Not too long ago, I made a bet with you about losing X number of pounds by a certain date. I did not make this bet because I wanted your money or because I didn't think you could do it. I did it because I thought it would motivate you. I wanted you to prove me wrong. I still want you to prove me wrong. I'd give your money back to you in an eyeblink if you lost that weight.

I honestly do not know how tough it is to lose weight. The most I have ever weighed in my life is 212 lbs. I currently weigh around 185, and most of that weight I lost because I basically stopped eating for a period of time when I was working at home (ironic, yes, but I was so busy working, that I could never break for lunch, sometimes going 12 hours straight without ever eating or drinking a thing).

Even if you did lose a lot of weight, these jokes would still offend and still hurt. But I'd like to know what you are doing about your weight. What ever happened to blogging about your progress? I'm not on a crusade here to get you to lose weight. We've known each other for 18 years. I'm just a friend wanting to know what you plan on doing to keep yourself healthy.

Ughti the Incredible said...

Senor Mac,
This post was great! I was a former student of yours at Tulane (randomly came accross your blog via a comment on the spanish blog that I forgot I had...but not the point). Excellent points on the callousness with which weight is discussed. Mainly I just wanted to thank you for being a great teacher(probably one of my best at Tulane)...and to tell you that your comment on Tulane's golden frat boy poonhounds had me rolling on the floor laughing hysterically! Hope you're doing well! (and that this doesn't seem terribly awkward!)