Monday, September 08, 2008

My Unattractive Ancestors

How cool is this?! My mom sent me an email today with a photograph of some of my great-great-great grandparents (tatara-tatara-tatara-abuelos). Maybe they were good looking when they were younger....he does have my nose. I have ancestors named Nimrod and Nineveh!

Merrill Nimrod Kilpatrick m. Nancy Jones Scoggins

Mary Catherine Kilpatrick m. Joel Elbert Cole
Laura Loduski Cole m. John Agleston Buckner
Raymond Vines Buckner m. Mattie Mozelle Carter
Laura Ellen Buckner m. John McLarty Williams, Jr.
John McLarty Williams, III (Mac) m. Mickelle Fonnesbeck
John McLarty Williams, IV (Jack)


chattypatra said...

It IS cool! I don't even have pictures of all my grandparents. What a great blessing!

David Laraway said...

I love the title of this post! Sounds like a cool, edgy novel. Or hip new band. Or something.

Susanna Williams said...

It's a little strange that you trace the genealogy of these particular ancestors through both the matri- and patrilineal lines yet only acknowledge Jack as your heir in the post. If I were Marley or Calliope, I'd be hurt. Our Dad never treated me that way, and if he had I'd have called him out on it too. All your children are your heirs legally and more often than not socially (for example, your post proves that you claim your mother's family as your family). All your children are worth mentioning, don't you think?

Mac said...

I got the list from Mom, and I love Jack most...clearly he's more important to me than my stinking girls.