Sunday, September 21, 2008

MadTV vs SNL


MadTV wins in my book. Comparing the two shows now, it's no contest; MadTV is superior. I rarely laugh when watching SNL anymore, even with Tina Fey no longer on it. I laugh constantly watching MadTV, especially when Nicole Parker does her impersonations (with all respect to the master, Darrell Hammond).


brent said...

I like SNL. Year after year people say it's not as funny as it used to be. The problem is that people have been saying that since 1982, but people keep tuning in. Even the stuff I look back on now, such as the cowbell sketch, came at a time when people said SNL was at a nadir.

My feeling is that it's a problem with perception. SNL isn't judged against how it did last year; it's judged against the cumulative weight of 30 years of shows. And not just against those years, but from only the best skits from those years, since no one remembers the crappy skits.

No one night can live up to those expectations, even though I think that's what people tune in for.

All that said, I like MadTV, though not nearly as much. They rely way too much on the same skits over and over--more than SNL does. After a while, I've seen all of the Korean lady who can't understand english as I can handle. And there's about a dozen of those types of characters. But it's worth watching for a half-hour before SNL starts.

Susanna Williams said...

I like SNL too.