Monday, August 18, 2008

So many oral sex jokes possible

can't decide which way to go, must choose, can't.

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chattypatra said...

Amazingly enough, I was just commenting on another blog and telling my friend that she needs to get herself a Hummer.

When I was taking a series of teaching seminars back in 2005, one of the instructors asked the ladies which car they would buy if money were no object. To my surprise, the Hummer won the poll.

I can totally see the appeal. To a woman, especially a petite one, the idea of driving around in a tank is very powerful. Plus, they look great. Plus, Arnold has some. If I could afford it, I'd buy a small fleet in cute colors!

That said, I am sad that GM is considering this sale. I am tired of seeing US companies sell their brands to foreign countries. It's bad enough that jobs have been outsourced overseas to a select group of nations, leaving Americans jobless (ugh!). To lose our "brand" products to foreign soil is just plain sad.

[Not that I ever liked beer before I joined the Church, but it's ridiculous that Budweiser is not an American company anymore.]