Thursday, August 28, 2008

OH ****!


Paul Dunn said...

If you live in New Orleans... LEAVE NOW. We're going to find out just how short your memory really is by the middle of next week. Don't think that the storm will miss you or weaken. Assumptions like that could make you very, very dead. Do not expect Nagin to have learned any lessons. Do not expect Jindal to handle the situation any better than Blanco. Assumptions like that could also make you very, very dead.

If you do not own a car, find someone that does. If you don't know anyone with a car, find a bus to get on. It doesn't matter where it is going... just GET OUT.

Staying in New Orleans is not bravery, it is stupidity. Swallow your pride and find a way out, even if it means you have to walk.

The rest of America is not going to sympathize with you if you stay in the city this time. If you GET OUT and lose everything, then yes, sympathy you certainly deserve.

Amanda said...

ya...tell me about it!

chattypatra said...

Ah...hurricanes. That is one thing I DO NOT miss about growing up in Puerto Rico. Unlike other major natural disasters, hurricanes give you PLENTY of time to GET OUT and SAVE YOUR LIFE. In this day and age of the Weather Channel, the Internet, and every other media outlet, THERE IS NO EXCUSE to stay.

Unlike those who grew up during father time (he just turned 93), today a person cannot claim that they do not know the current trajectory of the storm, its magnitude, or time of arrival.

Yes, islanders and coasters, if you live in certain areas you know darn well that SIX MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR HURRICANES MIGHT STRIKE!

I have no patience of asshats who put the lives of civil servants in danger because they don't want to leave their properties or - even worse - they think the hurricane will never come.

If you live in one of those areas and are not ready for a storm, guess what? You are IRRESPONSIBLE! Anybody knows what you need to buy and what you need to do to protect your family and your property. Again, nobody can claim ignorance in this day and age.

I used to LOATHE people who lived in condominiums by the beach in Puerto Rico and - not only would stay in their apartments to "ride out the storm", but would go to the supermarkets and buy BEER so they could get drunk and party. Same for those on the riversides.

The only people I feel sorry for right now? Cubans. They are getting hit today and will probably get hit again by the other storm. I know that all my Cuban friends must be worried sick about their families over there.

Goodbye, New Orleans! I'm sorry I never took the time to make the trip. I would have liked to enjoy the beauty of your city.

chattypatra said...

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Sorry about that, Mac.