Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, last night I'm unloading some groceries from the car, and my neighbor across the street comes over and says, "Hey." I turn around to see him looking disheveled, like he had just woken up. I said, "What's going on?" He responded, "I just woke up. What day is it?" Incredulously I thought it was odd because, one, that he wouldn't know what day it was, and two, that he would come outside and ask me rather than say, turning on the tv. Worse still, he then asked me "Is it morning or evening?"

I laughed once and said, "It's the evening, bro," in that tone that I reserve for people who I am clearly talking down to because of poor decisions. He shook his head in a nod, said, "thanks," and turned and went back to his house. How very odd.

The lesson we learn from this, boys and girls, is that methamphetamine will fark you up.


Colleen said...

I have, though fallen asleep once or twice right after work, and woken up around 8 at night. It is incredibly disorienting-- it is dusky, and I really wasn't sure if it was morning or night. I remember looking at a clock and still not knowing. I am normally a pretty together person, but I felt very confused and out of it. I asked my husband what was going on, but if I lived alone, I honestly might have asked a neighbor.
Do you have any reason to think he is a meth head?

chattypatra said...

I agree with Colleen, Mac. Unless you are certain that the guy does drugs, he might be having some time of sleep or similar disorder. Who knows what's going on with him.

Sometimes strange things happen. I too have been known to fall asleep and wake up hours later, having no idea whatsoever what happened.

As for him going outside to ask you, it is true that it sounds strange that he didn't just turn on the TV or radio. However, I ask, does he know you and talk to you frequently? Because if he does, maybe he feels the Spirit when he is around you (even if he can't identify what it is), and might have wanted the human contact because you are a decent person. Just think about it.

I remember one of my former bishops telling a story once about how he worked with a man for years but hardly socialized with him. When the man finally found the missionaries, he came over and said, 'You're a Mormon. How come you never told me that you had such an important message for me?'

Of course, my bishop never got over it. The man was gracious and asked him to baptized him. Pretty amazing, huh?

Anyway, good story.

Mac said...
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Mac said...

I rarely speak to him. He is a drunk and user. He hit and killed someone with his pickup truck. It disappeared for months, has new fenders and grille, and the police have come by to question us/take photos of the vehicle.

And he has classic meth teeth.

I don't accuse people lightly of using meth.

Previous comment deleted because of poor orthography.

chattypatra said...

Yikes! That's horrible.