Tuesday, August 26, 2008

National Go to Class Drunk Day: What's Funny at Twenty Is Lame Shortly Thereafter

Frat boys never cease to disappoint me in their infantile efforts to "unite" under their ethos of overconsumption of all vices and prurient behaviors:

(you have to have a facebook account to view it, I believe)

As a professor, this is annoying, and shows a lack of maturity on the part of the many Coker students who have "joined" this facebook group of 167,000+.

Maybe we can counter-program with

National Come to Class Sufficiently Rested and Adequately Prepared Day.


Susanna Williams said...


Don't worry. The group is for students under 16.


David Laraway said...

Every once in a while, being at BYU has its perks...