Monday, August 25, 2008

If you go carryin' pictures of Chairman Mao

From this article:

we learn that Denver has a converted warehouse set up with 400 overflow cells, in case the 20,000 - 50,000 protestors expected to show up from the DNC, get unruly. One of the future inmates, Jordan Hill, said this concerning the construction of temporary jail space?"

"This is America. We have a system in place, so why aren't we using it? Why are we using warehouses?"

Mr. Hill, it's because people like you and your ilk insist on showing up to massively protest [forgive the split infinitive] at a party convention. and overtax the system in place. The jail won't be big enough to hold protestors who violate the "civil" law. Now, if you want to be thrown in a general holding tank with criminals, and then complain about "Gitmo" conditions or whatever buzzword you and your bros come up with this month, Denver is seeking to avoid that. The warehouse will literally warehouse your asses until your parents wire your designated bailor the money to spring you.

I find your desire to protest especially confusing when I read your "manifesto" and realize that the Democratic Party shares many of your stipulations. Why the "colorful" demonstration? Why?

I understand the need to protest at certain times, but why not go to St. Paul. Are the Republicans not the far guiltier Party in all your accusations? Are you not more likely to ruffle the feathers of your opponents at their convention?

I'm too civil to go and protest something unless I believe that my protest might actually change something; the most power I have is with my vote. Thus far in my life, nothing, and I mean nothing, has gotten me angry enough to want to go shout insults at other people because of their political beliefs. I hate the Republicans who have destroyed our civil rights, one small step at a time, in the name of safety. I hate the erosion of other safeties for the consumer in order to benefit large corporations. I hate that we "bailed" out Entergy New Orleans when the parent company made billions in 2005. I hate that we invaded Iraq under false pretenses. There are many many things that I hate about conservative Republicans saying one thing and doing another. But as much as I hate those, I hate liberal protestors far far more.

You accomplish nothing. Nothing. Ever.

This is the kind of protest that I might attend.

This is art; it motivates people to attend; it is symbolic. Yelling insults at people and getting yourself arrested is asshattery, you smashing young man.

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