Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hala ka ukulele

Momma made a baby!

Calliope Marisol Williams was born today at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center at 12:59 PM EDT. She is chubby, and as soon as we get her height and weight from the nursery, we'll let everyone know. No complications, ten fingers, ten toes, poochy lips.


JC said...

Congratulations to all! Glad everyone is doing well, and that the finger count came in just right.

Ryan S. said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of 3 children. Good luck.

Cindy said...

Congratulations, Williams family!! That's wonderful!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)


brent said...


If I was going to name a child after my favorite street in New Orleans, its name would be "Broad." I guess I'd just to have to hope it wasn't a girl.