Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Clarion Call to Paul & Caroline Dunn

Among the reality shows that I claim my wife forces me to watch (admittedly, I do like some of them, but I mostly watch because I love her and she likes them) are two that I truly enjoy: Bravo's Project Runway (even without Heidi Klum it would be excellent) and CBS's The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race pits 16 teams of two against each other in a race around the world for a million dollars. Along the way the teams must complete certain tasks requiring physical and culinary bravery, stamina, intelligence, endurance, and cleverness. The usual winners are couples who 1) are intelligent 2) are athletic or in reasonably good shape 3) speak more languages than mere English and 4) Work well together. Oftentimes they must do things that many would balk at; who can forget Uchenna and Joyce as she shaved off her head to earn a Fast Forward?

After watching season after season and seeing the kinds of people they pick and who do well, I am convinced that Paul and Caroline Dunn would be perfect for this competition and would have a good possibility of winning the whole thing. Therefore, I challenge Paul AND Caroline, while they're still young, to make a video, submit it, and see if they get accepted. Paul speaks enough languages well enough to get yall around three continents, and you are both accomplished world travelers, intelligent, in great shape. Come on; do it! For your ease.....

Eligibility Requirements


Paul Dunn said...

O Dios mio. Let me first start by saying, I'm quite flattered and that you give me WAY too much credit for what I know. Sadly, AR14 applications were due back in May, so we'd have to wait until AR15 to apply.

I've told Caroline on many occassions that if she wanted to do the show, she could... just not with me. Reason #1 is that I value our marriage and I would fear that greed would somehow tear us apart because of some scuffle or decision during the race. Piety aside, I'd be a damn fine contestant. Reason #2 is CBS is the network of fools. Exhibit A - Dan Rather. However, being part of the lamestream media should not prohibit me from taking $1 million from CBS. If anything it should motivate me. Reason #3 is somehow I'm sure the producers would paint me as some maniacal monster (which I undoubtedly am) and I would basically lose the few friends that I have and be socially exiled by my current co-workers. Again, this is an excuse, and a flimsy one at that.

Even if we didn't win, Caroline and I could be the next "Rob and Amber"... the next reality sensation of America (albeit for a short and insignificant amount of time). With our love for travel and adventure, I would be thrilled just to be on the show and to go somewhere on CBS's dime. Not that I think we would ever get chosen, but it would be pretty cool.

When the applications for AR15 come out, Caroline and I will submit.

chattypatra said...

Mac, I've never watched AR, but if your friends are cast next season, I will definitely tune in!