Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We Need a Word

that means when you have nostalgia for a time and place you never inhabited.


another for nostalgia you have for a time and/or place that never existed.

I welcome any suggestions.


brent said...

1. Real chronological sychosomosis/real geological sychosomosis.

2. Psuedo chronological sychosomosis/psuedo geological sychosomosis.

I didn't stay within your parameters of one word, though.

You could just use "saudades." I"ve found that as an effective catchall.

Tim said...

It needs to have a cool British-style name like "the bends" or "the clamsies."


Anonymous said...

Anachronistic nostalgia is felt for that which exists in a time or place the subject has never experienced. And the type of nostalgia for a non existent time and place is speculative nostalgia.

These are pretty close to what you seem to be trying to qualify, however nostalgia for non-existent times and places is often diagnosed as delusion. I'm citing my psychology text for that little chestnut. P.S. I'm 14 and homeschooled.

Mac said...


Thank you for your comments. "A" word means "a" word, as in one word. I know what speculative and anachronistic mean. I want a neologism, like prelapsalgia, that simplifies the meaning into one word.

You are doing well for someone your age. I stand by my opinions on homeschooling, no matter the fruits it might bear. You are missing something that cannot be learned in a book.