Tuesday, July 01, 2008


So, Dr. Mbare Ngom, a Equatorial Guinean scholar, who is lecturing to us today and tomorrow, has given us an assignment to come up with a term that will describe the different types of African literature produced by Spanish-speaking Africans. Here goes:

Since we are talking about people born in Africa who live in Africa (or are at least in exile from their homes) the blanket term "Afro-Hispanic" literature isn't appropriate because it includes all of the persons of African descent who live in the Americas and write in Spanish, as their native language.

Therefore, to clarify, I propose the following:

1. African Hispanofone Literature, for anyone who is from Africa and writes in Spanish.
2. Guinean Hispanofone Literature, for anyone from Equatorial Guinea who writes in Spanish.
3. Afro-Peninsular Literature, for anyone living in Spain, of African descent writing in Spanish.
4. Mauretanian Hispanofone Literature, for anyone living in the North of Africa who writes in Spanish.

Any other terminology seems to run into stumbling blocks, or they place us jogging on Steven Pinker's euphemism treadmill.

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