Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I can't believe that this the IOC will permit this to happen:

This offers further proof of just how restrictive and corrupt the Chinese government is. I imagine, that before this is through, that this will be just one of many major embarassments for the P.R.O.C.


Paul Dunn said...

This is what comes from living under a communist regime. This is also no surprise, China saying it will do one thing and yet neglects to follow through.

The Games begin in 8 days. What can the IOC do? Not hold the Games? It's just a matter of "too bad, so sad" for the foreign media.

Another fine example of how too much government ruins life for everyone else.

chattypatra said...

The IOC demanded that the goverment lift the restrictions during the games, and apparently they complied. Guess we'll hear more about it soon...

There are lots of new TV specials lately showing how gorgeous the country is, etc. That's certainly true, but I'll take liberty any day!

Unfortunately, it's not like things are much better here, what with all the legal surveillance on John and Jane Doe, all in the name of national security. I haven't checked my dictionary, but I'm pretty sure the word privacy has been magically erased from the text.