Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Johnny Mac's Last Fishing Trip

I don't remember taking these, but I found some photos I took of my dad's last fishing trip, one year ago this week. It was a complete surprise; since he and my mom weren't in Florida. Papa and I went to the peer to go fishing, and there was my dad. In retrospect, it's one of my best memories that he came down and did that. Within three months of these photos, he would be dead.

Apalachicola Bay, no finer fishing!


Paul Dunn said...

Those are some really nice pictures Mac. Thanks for sharing those. Hope that all is going well in DC. You should be coming home soon, right?

Anonymous said...

Mac, I have not seen your Dad for a long time, the picture really show his smile and personality. Hope all is well with you. If you ever want to catch up you can contact me at newell@davisav.com. Take it easy. Newell