Tuesday, July 29, 2008



While the knee-jerk side of me says, "Fark 'em; I hope it hurts," the rational side of me says that they might be right. I would not let them be beheaded though; convicts are convicts--they shouldn't get to choose their own death when they cowardly bombed civilians.

Stuff like this makes me angry at the world. I support the death penalty, but I hate that we ever have to use it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey doesn't this fuzzy mass murderer look a little like Rob Schneider's character in
"50 First Dates"--you know the one eyed Hawaiian guy? What a laugh--they should have the right to determine their means of execution-LOL as the kids say...maybe slow hanging with piano wire? What do they care as long as long as they're going to the 72 Virgins anyhow? Warm up those biotches, man!