Monday, June 09, 2008

Who Knew?

So, after being told my whole life to stay out of certain patches of plants because they would "itch me to death," and after believing my mom's admonitions my whole life, I naturally assumed that I was indeed allergic to poison ivy and poison oak, even though I knew from my grandfather that in spite of his own severe allergy to the plants, my dad was completely immune. So, because we had a blowout yard sale at my mom's this weekend ($2,100 sold including my dad's truck/still drowning in junk), I had to get into all sections of the yard. I had to get all the crap out of my grandpa's mouldering 1989 Dodge Caravan's that been oxidizing in the yard for ten years. I had to sell all the scrap iron to a metal sculptor ($25!) that's under the bunkhouse, which is surrounded by plants with "leaves of three."

So, I decided to test my own allergy. I've been on many a campout. I grew up in these woods, and I cannot remember ever having anything more than a momentary itch on my ankles. I walked around in the stuff like it wasn't there. I didn't even get an inkling of an itch.

I am impervious to poison ivy and poison oak. Bow before me mortals.

I'm not so sure about poison sumac. Maybe because it contains my name it's my herbaceous kryptonite.


JC said...

Cool. So far I've fared the same. It hasn't affected me either. Tara though, not so lucky.

Matt the Treehugger said...

Don't get too confident because your immunity might be qualified. For example, I am usually immune, but I got a little itchy once after I removed a bunch of newly growing poison ivy vines with my bare hands. I am now less rash in my judgment when removing poison ivy. Pride comes before the fall.

swampbaby said...

I am bowing... I can practically just catch a wiff of poison ivy in a breeze and break out in a rash all over. I've had it so bad that I've had to go back for multiple rounds of steroids to knock it out. Not fun!

Caroline said...

You missed your true calling: Landscaping. Also, I'm posting this from your technological kryptonite... a MacBook. Paul

Amanda said...

ummm...unfortunately, mac, i think it's the second exposure that causes problems. ???