Friday, June 13, 2008

Ludicrous: The United States Marine Corps, Two Marine Corps Scumbags, and Animal Rights

So, screw the hiatus, I'm writing again today because this story has me hot and bothered:

The original video that got them in trouble can be viewed by clicking the below link. Even though I personally hate dogs due to their hatred of me and repeated attacks against me during the pizza delivery years (including multiple bites), what the guy does is sickening. I make no excuses that his behavior is justified. Be warned, the video makes you sad.

US Soldier throws puppy off cliff - Watch more free videos

However, this man is in Iraq, who knows what he's seen, how powerless he might feel etc. I am not justifying his actions; he's a cruel bastard, a stupid kid. But, he has been forced out of the Marine Corps over the life of a dog. A stupid, meaningless, mutt of a dog, from a place where dogs are reviled for being considered unclean creatures. What sickens me as much as his behavior are the comments from blogs about what dog-lovers hope happens to him. They range from "I hope he dies a slow painful death," to "I hope the USMC throws him over a cliff," to "This monster should go to prison. To bad [sic] he did not die in Iraq, instead of decent military personnel."

Dogs are treated far worse in America every day, as are many many people on our streets, in our jails, children of abusive parents. Yet, let the canine-loving masses see a dog being killed and OH SHIT!, we'd better string that sonofabitch up.

Animals are not people, people; they are property. Killing an animal in cold blood is wrong, but that it's criminal, is criminal. This shit has got to stop.

For the record, if I had been there, I would've tried to stop him as soon as his arm went back, even though I hate, repeat hate, most dogs. The guy needs counseling, maybe an ass-whooping, but he does not deserve to lose his job.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say I have a bit of a difference of opinion on this issue. Killing an animal is criminal and should remain that way. A dog no matter how lowly is a living creature. Perhaps it might help to ask why you would have stopped that young Marine from tossing the dog over the cliff had you been there as you indicated in your post? If a dog is merely property then why stop the destruction of such an object? The video would not have been broadcast across the Internet if the Marine had thrown a desk or even a doll because those items are property, the same status given dogs under law. But a dog is not a desk or a doll, it is a living creature and therefore, destroying him or her should be criminal.
Next, I will be the first to admit that the animal rights movement has more than its fair share of crackpots and wishing death on this individual is not right. So I agree that these comments against him are a bit dramatic. Perhaps many have forgotten that he had been trained to be a killer and then spent months maybe years doing just that. Why are people surprised when he who was trained to kill would do so?
Finally, the fact that dogs are mistreated in this country or that children are as well is sadly true but that does not make what this Marine did correct. It does not make the uproar following this video invalid either. There is enough tradgedy and sadness in the world that i think that anyone who works to end it in ANY of its forms is on the right path. Cruelty to animals is just as wrong as cruelty to people and I think that God will view it the same way in the end.
The greater problem is not that people are so upset, it is rather that most will not do anything proactive about it other than fill animal rights chatrooms with hate filled speech which in the end does not improve the world anymore than that young man did.
One last thought, I know you hate dogs but perhaps it may be remembered that most problems occurring in dogs are not due to the dog but dumb, illinformed owners. We have spent thousands of years to train and domestic dogs but most owners don't spent day one on their specific dog.
take care my friend