Saturday, June 28, 2008


I hate being away from my family. I love Mickelle more than anything else in the world, even more than Cherry Coke.


chattypatra said...

Even more than Cherry Coke? That would be like me saying I love someone more than chocolate. I'm impressed! You just scored a couple of million points, Mac. Yep, you're a genius. ;)

Paul Dunn said...

I've gotten myself down to one can of soda per day (and sometimes none, but more frequently one a day). And man, that one Coke or Pibb is awesome. The taste of soda has actually gotten better. Mostly I've been drinking waters and these Costco-branded "VitaRain" drinks (like Vitamin Water, but w/o the calories). Anyhow, July will be over soon and you'll get to go home and see Mickelle. Sucks that you are pretty much spending the whole summer apart.

Caroline and I leave for Vancouver tomorrow, then off to Alaska. Woo hoo!