Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Añoranza" a poem by Juan Balboa Boneke


Quisiera volver a mi ayer,
quisiera ser de nuevo niño
y con los pies desnudos
correr por las pedregosas
calles de mi verdad rebolana.

Quisiera volver a mi niñez
para jugar y saltar,
para cantar y reir, y para llorar, qui-
pero en la libertad.

Sí, quisiera volver;
quisiera volver a mi ayer.

Ayer...ayer niño fui,
hoy, hombre soy,
y mañana, ¿qué seré?

Sí, quisiera volver;
quisiera volver
a mi inocente libertad.

Juan Balboa Boneke, Equatorial Guinea


I would love to return to my yesterday,
I would love to be a child again
and with bare feet,
run down the rocky
streets of my *Rebolanian truth.

I would love to revisit my childhood
To play and jump,
To sing and laugh, and to cry, per-
but only if I'm free.

Yea, I would love to go back;
I would love to hie to my yesteryear.

Yesterday, I was but a boy, yesterday,
today, I am a man,
and tomorrow, what will I be?

Yea, I would love to return;
I want to return
to my innocent freedom.

Translation by Mac Williams 6-25-08

feedback is welcomed
*the adjective rebolana refers to the childhood village of the poetic voice.


chattypatra said...

¡Qué poema tan bello, Mac! Gracias por compartirlo. Obviamente, no soy tan erudita como tú, pero para eso leo esta página...para aprender del maestro de literatura.


K said...

Like poetry? My favorite is Cien sonetos de amor (100 love sonnets) by Pablo Neruda.