Saturday, May 31, 2008

RIP Lorenzo Odone, the Myelin-deprived Subject of "Lorenzo's Oil"

As part of my Family Science 210 class at BYU in 1998, we had to watch the movie, Lorenzo's Oil, about a mother and father who refuse to just allow their son to die of a disease called ALD. This morning I learned from this article:

that Lorenzo had finally passed away. Not from his disease, but from pneumonia caused by aspirating food into his lungs. The Odones were able to study their son's condition and devise a treatment based off rapeseed oil that prevents the deterioration of the myelin sheath of brain nerves. If I remember correctly, Mr. Odone was given an honorary medical degree by Harvard or Yale or somewhere due to his discovery. The oil treatment cannot reverse myelin loss, but it can prevent it from happening. Scores of young boys have been spared agony and death due to his efforts. If only all these diseases could be cured so easily. Rest in peace Lorenzo, Job 19:26.

On a different note, this movie earned Susan Sarandon an Oscar nomination, and it marks the last time that Nick Nolte did any praise-worthy acting, in my opinion

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Anonymous said...

Lorenzo's oil is a mixture 4:1 of ...
It ameliorates ALD, not MS.
It is not safe.
Rapeseed oil is even worse.