Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pragmatics and Hawaiian Independence

CNN is reporting that a small group of "Native Hawaiians" has taken over the grounds of the former royal palace:

While I am fully aware that the United States "annexation" of Hawaii was borderline criminal, and I am aware that President Clinton issued an official apology to the Hawaiian people, such attempts in the 21st Century, to return a land to its rightful "owners" is foolish.

First, the island is a state of the United States, which means that at some point, the residents of the island decided to apply for statehood, and were granted that right, by plebescite. The people chose statehood over commonwealth status or seeking independence.


Second, just who exactly is a native Hawaiian? Most people in the island are so interbred with others that many can claim a little Hawaiian in them. Where do you draw the line of who is "Hawaiian" and who isn't?

These protests, hopefully, are a P.R. ploy to bring attention to the impoverished conditions of many hawaiian citizens and how little the federal government has done in making amends the way it has done for the American Indians; truly, more should be done. But, independence is not going to happen...ever. One thing is for certain, anyone seeking to truly restart the Kingdom of Hawaii must know this (How many separate "kingdoms" are there I wonder?". T'ain't gonna happen; the economies and national securities of both places are inextricably linked.

Remember that!

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daniel said...

Mac, no doubt a hawaiian independence from the US is impossible. but please have in mind that "such attempts in the 21st Century, to return a land to its rightful "owners" is foolish" - this is the kind of argument used by radical chinese, israelis and others to justify the oppression of "rebeld" people.