Monday, May 12, 2008

Mexican Things

Ten things I love/will miss about México:

1. The chance to speak Spanish all the time
2. How cheap service are. I paid someone to wash, dry, and fold all of my clothes today for $66 pesos.
3. Tacos are more than just ground beef, iceberg lettuce, and hothouse tomatoes with a pinch of cheap cheddar.
4. People love to hear about my country, which is always gratifying, no matter where you´re from.
5. I am a foot taller than almost everyone I pass on the street.
6. Dickering over the prices of stuff, if the person puts the price for you to see on a calculator, that means he´ll negotiate down to around 60% of his original offer.
7. Internet cafes that cost $1 for an hour.
8. The sublime beauty of the blueness of the Caribbean Sea
9. Las palmeras ubicuas
10. The constant memories of a thousand other days of my life that the sights, sounds, and smells provoke. I feel like Antonio Machado gazing at the Guadarrama mountain range:
Por tus barrancos hondos y por tus cumbres agrias/mil Guadarramas y mil soles vienen/cabalgando conmigo

Ten things I won´t miss

1. The smells that only the tropics can conjure.
2. Taxi drivers
3. Drinks go warm immediately if you don´t have ice in them.
4. Being the only gentleman in shorts
5. Being embarrassed by the behavior of my countrymen
6. Men starting conversations with, ¨hello meeeestur¨ and then telling me they have my size guayabera when they clearly don´t.
7. Always feeling like I have gunk in the creases of my neck.
8. No traffic lanes
9. Crushing poverty
10. the chance to come back again soon.


Kirt Christensen said...

Hey Mac, great lists! I'm green with jealousy, haven't spent much time in Mexico. Hope you get to return often!

Paul Dunn said...

Dude, I had no idea you were going to Mexico. Of course, since I only read your blog about once a month (ok, that's a lie, more like once every other month), I hardly know what's going on with you anymore. Anyhow, sounds like a really cool trip, I am quite envious. One of my closet fantasies is to drive across Mexico and see the true country (not just Cancun and Nuevo Laredo).

On a similar note, Caroline and I will be going to Alaska in July. She made a bet with me and lost. So sad... for her.