Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fleetwood Mac: The Peter Green Years

Like most Americans of my generation, I remember Fleetwood Mac's mid-70's success that my parents played over and over again (will they ever break the chain?). On Monday, my Mom sent me this album via iTunes:

If you like the blues, it is spectacular! Rarely do I immediately like new music (music I've never heard before), it usually takes me a couple of listens to begin to enjoy something. Not so with this album. Wow, just wow. The song "Green Manalishi" is highly-polished and sounds like something I know I've heard before (no, I'm not a Judas Priest fan, so that's not it), and I had no idea that "Black Magic Woman" was a Fleetwood Mac song that Santana covered.

If you're into bluesy rock, seriously consider getting this album; it won't disappoint.

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JC said...

I still like Santana's version better, but do have Feetwood Mac's original. They were definitely a different band before the Nicks/Buckingham era.