Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bienvenidos desde Mérida

So, I´m in Mérida, México right now in an internet cafe right by the oldest cathedral on the American mainland (1560s). We got into Cancún, got two rental cars, and immediately drove all the way across the peninsula to the colonial city of Mérida. We´re staying at the Hotel Reforma, and my room has air conditioning. I like Mérida; it´s very clean and safe. The city is teaming with people and life, and I haven´t seen any indications of dire poverty and crime like I assumed I would see (like one sees in Juárez). I was pleasantly surprised that our bus tourguide pointed out the Mormon temple, without her knowing that I´m Mormon.

We´ll be here until pasadomañana, and then we´re going to stay in a small village for two nights. Ojalá no me enferme.

A few things that I didn´t expect. Goods cost about the same as the do in the USA; services are dirt, and I¨m talking dirt, cheap. It´s far more expensive to eat here than I expected. A lot more people speak English than they do in Costa Rica. And most shocking of all, it´s not that hot.

I´ll try and keep my loyal readership posted. Adios.

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chattypatra said...

I clicked on the link to the Hotel's website, but had to get out right away or the snobbish side of my brain was going to explode.

Maybe if you teach them how to spell "Wellcome" and proofread the rest of the site, you'll get a discount. Hey, it's worth a shot!

Y eso...que según ellos, los de mi país no saben escribir bien. Ajá, sí. ¡Qué barbaridad!