Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby's Name

So, Mickelle and I have pretty much decided that the new baby's name will be:

Calliope Marisol Williams

Calliope, Greek muse of epic war poetry

Marisol, Common Spanish abbreviation/nickname for María de la Soledad



baby boy said...

Its a great name.

chattypatra said...

Hopefully she'll be as strong as Xena, and sing as spectacularly as Pepa Flores (the Spanish singer, a.k.a. Marisol). Both women are gorgeous, so she can't lose. :)

Paul Dunn said...

You don't tell me what to name my kids, I won't tell you what to name yours.

By the way, "Marley" is still a last name.

Mac said...

Well maybe if you'd have a kid.....

Marley is a last name, agreed. But it's also one helluva of a cool (and historical) first name. I only name my kids real names from history, no made-up crap like Tielar or Spensyr.