Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alma Mater & Kelly Pickler

(From memory, it's been 18 1/2 years since I had to memorize this)

There is something something

In everything we hold

Within our alma mater's walls

Behind the blue and gold

We stand beneath the endless skies

And watch our eagles fly

To represent our loyalty

And love to Etowah High

Though the years here

Have an end for us

We'll go our separate ways

To start again in some new place

To learn another day

But we'll look once more at all our friends

With tears we'll say goodbye

And leave behind a part of us

With love to Etowah High

Etowah's in the news again; nope, no one killed themselves or someone else. This time it's because the rich kids can afford to send 500k text messages to WKHS 101.5 FM so they can get Kelly Picker to come and give a concert.

Well, it beats the hell out of Dan Quayle!

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media boy said...

she's certainly proven herself to be a great performer (besides being competitive)... I'm thinking her new CD will be worth getting for sure