Thursday, April 24, 2008

We All Write Schlock from Time to Time

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Timonthy Egan has a blog entry

that really shows how sometimes people write poorly. I'm not commenting on his writing style, by writing poorly, I mean that his thought investment, adjective choice, and tone reveal a patently-obvious bias towards all religion, especially anyone who believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Mr. Egan, Fawn Brodie is hardly an objective choice to cite as your primary source about the LDS faith. Also, "magic glasses" lends a tone of complete disrespect for other peoples' beliefs; they are not "magic;" they were not "glasses" either. It's that smarmy pedantic tone that rubs. Certainly it's one thing to disagree, but I feel you mock us sir, a sorely inconsiderate act certainly not worthy of the pages, be they cyber or printed, of the once-hallowed New York Times.

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