Sunday, April 13, 2008


This proposed law in Maine has me concerned:

So, if someone is "leering" at children, it's a felony? Leering carries a nebulous definition, and what if, let's say, you're a single man, early 30's, your parents just died, and you find yourself going to the beach or a park, to sit and think. While you're there, to bring a little joy in your life, you stop to watch some children playing. If someone doesn't like how you're "leering" at the kids, you could be charged with a Class C felony? Holy shit! That's just one possible incident, and these kinds of charges can seriously destroy someone's good name and livelihood. I have kids, and if someone is leering at them, the police should tell them to move along, but I cannot conscience convicting someone of a felony for "looking" at my child. What's next? Thought police? We're one step away from becoming England.


thewmes said...

Seems crazy.

No, I was wrong. It doesn't seem crazy, it is crazy.

chattypatra said...

Yes, Mac, the terrorists have won. Every day we move closer and closer to becoming a scary, totalitarian system where the government tells us what we can or cannot think, do, eat, say, buy, etc.

Look at what's happening at Eldorado. The government has already said that they are not going to give the children back to their parents. There was a report on the news yesterday where someone said those children will never go inside that compound again.

They're going to come after us next, you'll see. I wouldn't put it past them to build a replica of the Roman Coliseum and use it.

Thewmes said...

I think we are a pretty far away from having our own Roman Coliseum.