Monday, April 28, 2008

An Idea for Reducing Fuel & Energy Consumption

I'm wondering what kind of effect government tax credits for a four-day work week might have on reducing fuel consumption. If people worked from 8-7 M-Th, with an hour for lunch, wouldn't we essentially cut our commute fuel consumption by 20% (assuming M-F commuting)?

It would take a sea change amongst business leaders to switch to a permanent three-day weekend, but I'm guessing that it would improve morale, air quality, fuel pricing, and efficiency if it were implemented on a mass scale in our large cities. I think the federal government could encourage this via tax credits/cuts to employers who are willing to give it a try for two years. What do yall think?


JC said...

I used to work 4 10hr days and loved it. It doesn't have to be that nobody works on Friday anymore. The weekend could be staggered and rotated amongst the work force. So you could work either M-Th or T-F or some other 4 day schedule. I decided to do my part and cut out the commute entirely so now I work from home 100% of the time.

Colleen said...

I did a similar schedule at a job when I was single/married w/ no kids ( you just had to work 40 hours a week-- so, if you did 4 10 hour days, you were done!). I loved it then, but I would hate it now that I have a child. If I worked 8-7 I would see him awake for MAYBE half an hour. No thank you. However, for people at a different place in their lives, I think it would be great!

Cindy said...


My mom has a schedule like that, and she also uses a van pool to get to and from work. She really likes it, and they are using less energy and fuel. It's a forward-thinking place to work!


chattypatra said...

You know what I would truly love? If someone would give me a job I could do at home on my computer!

Your idea is good but, like colleen says, it's not for everyone who has to take care of someone else. Again, I wish I could get a legitimate job I could do from my home. I hate traffic jams and crazy drivers!