Sunday, April 27, 2008

His Name Is My Name Too

Whenever I have to register at a website that I don't really care about, and that promises not to sell my information to third parties, I use the same name. I get a good laugh when I get junk mail like this one (note the name):

I guess they don't use middle names.


JC said...

Thanks for sharing your address with us. Also, now I know what name to register you by. :) Return the favor of sorts.

Tim said...

JC! Yeah! Good call! I've been meaning to get back at Mac for two years now, ever since he subscribed me to Black Enterprise magazine as a Christmas gift! And then when I moved to North Carolina, he notified them of my new address. I'm specifically not giving him my new address (I moved this weekend) until he swears to not give my new address out to the makers of Black Enterprise magazine.

JC said...

Well, Tim, at least he kept mine decent. Computer Shopper. He didn't really stretch on that one. I'm still getting magazines. The gift that keeps on giving. Maybe if we sign him up as John-Jacob it will be treated as the first name. So it all shows up.

chattypatra said...

Who's address is that, Mac? Yours? Or did you steal a neighbor's spam mail? Whoever the victim is, he will get TONS of letters now!

P.S: In a completely unrelated matter, did you watch Paula Abdul's meltdown on American Idol?
It was amazing! I wondered if you were going to post about it. Also, the Archuleta hate on the internet blogs is getting intense.