Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Estrogenical Treachery

So, we're having a girl. I wanted a boy (his name would've been Jonas Timothy Williams), but a coup among my sperm murdered all the Ys allowing only XX couplings. Now Marley has to get bunkbeds.

I am so happy we bought the house we did, and I am thrilled to have another girl; a healthy child is my only wish.


Emily said...

Congratulations! That's a good perspective to have... "a healthy child is my only wish".

I was at the library the other day with JC and a mother came in and sat by a few other mothers she knew and immediately started talking to them about how unhappy she was to be having another boy. Not just like disappointed, but very, very upset to the point that I thought she wanted to send it back. I would have taken him off her hands. The whole conversation made ME very, very upset.

She'll be a cute little girl, just look at those pictures of Marbles.

JC said...

Felicitations. Asi se dice en Spanglish right? Asi Jack Jack se puede quedar Varon(unico)^3. O son cuatro las generaciones?

Cody said...

Congrats to you and your family

Fonnesbeck Family said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! We totally need another Williams girl. No doubt. That is so great.

swampbaby said...

Luckily you don't have ugly girls... ;-) congratulations!

chattypatra said...

Los puertorros te diríamos que eres chancletero, pero al menos tienes buenos genes. :)

Creo que tener retoños saludables es el deseo de todo padre, al igual que el de tener un varoncito.

Ponlo de esta manera, ya muchos quisieran estar en tu lugar.


P.S: ¿Ya compraste la escopeta? Los años pasan rápido. ;)

Mac said...


Luckily her mom has that Scandinavian blood in her, makes cute babies. I just hope the girls don't get all of their mom's, uhmm, assets, cause keeping the boys off them will be hard.


Soy sureño, no compramos escopetas. Heredé dos al nacer.

David Laraway said...

Mac, Many Congratulations!

Hammy said...

Yea! Girls rock!