Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why I'll Let My Daughters Get the HPV Vaccination

According to this CNN article:

One in four teenaged girls in the United States has a venereal disease. While I will teach my children correct principles about pre-marital sexual contact, nonetheless, eventually, I will have to let them govern themselves. They may make moral mistakes, and if they do, I want some measure of protection in place. Originally, I was opposed to this idea, that my children would never do such a thing and there would be no reason to get an unnecessary vaccination, that they would be above yielding to lust, that I would have taught them better standards.

But, then I think about how tough the world is these days. I think about how badly my loins burned when I was a teenager and twenty-something. There were times in my life, when, even with religion, had the wrong moment come along, I would've had sex. Indeed, I've often said that it's a good thing that I've always been overweight, because if more girls had found me attractive, I would've nailed anything that moved. We Williams are a lusty breed.

So, in thinking about the ideal outcome for my children, I would rather them have some sort of protection from a ghastly disease, than hold them to an ideal that I achieved, but of which they might fall short. Therefore, if my child ever comes to me and says that they're having sex, I will ask them to stop and take sane measures to prevent them from being with their sexual partner. I will also offer them birth control and condoms if they persist. For while it might break my heart that they have loose morals, the parent in me wants to make sure that they come out of their sins without lasting reminders of their wrongdoing. Do not mistake my statements as laxness, permissiveness, or tacit approval of their actions; it is not. I condemn sex outside of marriage on moral grounds. I was a virgin when I got married, if I could do it, they can too. But, as I've stated before, the ideal should be aspired to and contingencies should always be in place when the ideal fails. I hope I'm right, for their sake.


Thewmes said...

To me it just seems prudent that you could protect the health of your daughters with a minor procedure. This is not as if you have endorsed sex to your minor children, 1) they probably will never know what it was done for 2)it is not as if once they become fertile you haul them down to the Dr to get birth control just in case.

It requires small effort and can potentially protect against a major health consequences, i.e. cancer. Seems like a no brainer. Also there is potential that such disease could be passed to your daughter do to no wrong doing of her own.

chattypatra said...

"Indeed, I've often said that it's a good thing that I've always been overweight, because if more girls had found me attractive,I would've nailed anything that moved."

I hear you, my friend. So true. I would have been on the same boat, what with my Latin Island blood and gene pool. This is not boasting, we Ricans can't help our overall prettyness (see 5 former Miss Universes for reference). HA! Just kidding you, Mac.

Seriously, though, I believe you and your wife have made the right choice. Let us remember that even the prophet Joseph Smith stated that we were given good principles but had to learn to govern ourselves. No podemos tapar el cielo con la mano.

Not everyone can withstand the onslaught of the media and natural instinct and make a conscious, successful effort to become sexually repressed in order to keep the Law of Chastity. Believe you me, it's easier said than done. Nobody thinks at 18 or 21 that they might fall into the never married category and end up a virgin at 45.

Steve Carrell may have had a hit with his movie, but in reality, being a virgin is no laughing matter. No regrets here, but easy it ain't! (Sound southern enough?)

Congratulations on practicing the pure love of Christ, meaning, respecting your children's agency AND using common sense to protect them as much as you can.

Hopefully, they will remain strong and choose what is best over what is goood.

Cindy said...


We totally agree! When the time comes, we'll let our daughter get it, too.


Amanda said...

so, which post was it that i missed where you made the big announcement on the new addition to the fam? i'm SOOO excited for ya'll!

swampbaby said...

Did you say daughters - plural? Did I miss the announcement your baby is indeed another girl or did I just forget that important detail? Congrats!

Paul Dunn said...

Yeah, I missed any post that said #3 was going to be a girl. Congrats though...

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I'm not a parent, but I think you make a wise observation about out-of-control teenagers and young adults.

Mac, you old horndog. I've missed blogs (and seriously, it never gets old) where you discuss your own sexual tendencies and history, because it's real and you've accepted it as who you are. I see the past and present struggle of a true man... as well as a bigger problem for men that can't exhibit an iota of patience or respsect.

I think that "one in four" number is inflated though. I'd like to see the sample set their data comes from. However, VD is not even worth thinking twice about setting up the risk. I'm glad you are making this decision for Marley.

WillF said...

I'm not against the HPV Vaccination for moral reasons, but I am worried about the fact that it is a new vaccination and am not convinced that the safety testing is trustable. The FDA has let several drugs go through lately that have later proven unsafe, and I would hate to convince my daughter to have a vaccine that later proves unsafe.