Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is English Courage (for Norman)

When this soldier passes through airport security, his balls set off the metal detector.


LedSophocles said...

What manner of name is Azeem, anyway?

chattypatra said...

Don't we all wish we'd do exactly the same thing if put to the test?

I bet he didn't even think about it, he just reacted. Comes to prove two things: we never know what we'd do in a particular situation until the moment comes and, we die when it's our turn, not before, no matter what.

What a great story! Thanks, Mac.

Mac said...

Did God paint you?

chattypatra said...
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chattypatra said...

Have you seen this? Turns out, the good old USA has its own hero, in the same league.

P.S: Were you asking me if God painted me? If so, I don't know what you meant.

Mac said...


No, I was asking ledsophocles. He will respond, "Allah loves wondrous variety."