Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Media Knows How to Stay Classy

I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. Not one bit. But, I think the media's coverage of this mundane story is despicable:

Instead of reporting on the news, they choose the juiciest thing they can find, "Clinton was at the White House" when the Lewinsky encounters happened. Now we're all thinking about how stupid Bill Clinton really was, sticking cigars in vaginas and getting blowjobs while his wife was in the White House. All it does it remind us of a bad time in America, of the lasciviousness of his actions, of her suffering, and frankly it just seems wrong. The woman suffered the indignity of infidelity (probably more than once), to have to bear it again ever time the media writes a story about her, even if the article is only tangentially related to the headline is wrong.

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