Friday, March 21, 2008


My Dad's dead, my grandpa just died, and Mickelle and the kids are going to Utah today for 10 days. The careful reader will detect a more morose, sarcastic, indignant, and edgy Mac over the next few days. I feel like Kermit Ruffins here.


JC said...

It sucks to be alone at a time like this. It sucks when your kids leave for more than a couple days. I can handle two or three, but after that, the house is just too empty. My family's been gone this week but they return tomorrow.

chattypatra said...

As an expert on being alone (and on loneliness too), I will pray for you not to go crazy while they are away. The upside is that you truly appreciate the details. Just make sure you let them know it. If you are feeling super down at some point, call one of your friends, ok? Ok.