Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can't You Me Standin' Here I Got My Back Against the Wreckin' Machiiiiiiine

So, Mickelle's in Utah, and apparently Kid Icarus has learned that jumping off things doesn't mean you can fly! Yes, those are stitches--earned the right way. Boys will be boys; I'm certain these won't be the last.


JC said...

That scar is going to mess up his future goatee.

brent said...

For a very long time, I thought the next line was "I eat the words that you've seen."

Sorry about your boy.

swampbaby said...

Poor baby! That looks like it hurts. We somehow have scraped by with only one stitch in one head so far.

When I was in TX for Spring Break we were cracking up at all the injuries my brother acquired compared to us girls - 3 broken collar bones, a broken foot, a tongue almost bit off completely, an ear almost ripped off... you get the picture.

chattypatra said...

¡Ay, bendito! Al menos el golpe no fue en la cara.

Tengo entendido que viene una crema que puede eliminar la cicatriz. Pobrecito; me da pena.

Fonnesbeck Family said...

aaaawwwwwwww poor guy! that's my comment. so sad for jack, but he's tough.