Monday, February 11, 2008

A Sad Prediction: Amy Winehouse Will Be Dead within the Year

As I watched Amy Winehouse's performance at the Grammy's last night, I was deeply deeply saddened. I felt as if I were watching a movie about some tragic starlet who we all knew at the beginning of the movie was going to die, only the movie isn't finished yet. It's like she's living her own rock-martyrdom tragicomedy and we're all spectators.

The media machine thrills in reporting her missteps and addictions. Today is the first day in a long while where the headlines about Mrs. Winehouse actually involve her music. But again, sadly, watching her last night has convinced me that without some entity taking away her freedom and getting her detoxed and truly rehabilitated, like Scott Weiland rehabilitated, she will die within the year.

Last night she looked emaciated and disheveled as she half-heartedly danced and sang. Her glassy-eyed stare when she won for Record of the Year looked more like someone high on Vicodin's reaction than the joy of a sober person. That little catty sneer in the corner of her mouth as she sang "I won't go go go" to rehab in the second half of her act speaks volumes about her current state of mind. She appears incapable of making correct decisions in her drug and alcohol addled state. Without intervention, Amy Winehouse will soon be dead.

I truly hope I am wrong.


chattypatra said...

Esa niña parece un alma en pena. Ni tan siquiera he escuchado su música. Me intriga, pero el sello de advertencia a los padres me hace pensar que sus canciones tienen muchas malas palabras, lo cual nunca me agrada. Además, eso distrae de la música misma. De todos modos, pienso igual que tú; la pobre va camino a la tumba. Ojalá estemos equivocados.

Si quieres leer lo último, tengo una nueva entrada en mi blog. Al menos alguien se dio cuenta de que no daba señales de vida. ¡Gracias!

Susanna Williams said...


I checked out the clips myself on youtube. On the one hand, we might just think she was shocked and overwhelmed when she actually won best album. However, I think you are right; there is no depth in her eyes. They are solid black and remind me of people who've I seen on hard hard drugs.

I too hope you are wrong; she's crazy talented. And a very good song writer, and you know how judgmental and particular I am about that sort of thing.